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Blackjack casino odds – joy and profit in one hands

This game is very popular amongst players is not only the result of quite good Blackjack casino odds. This table game is very logical and quite simple. At the same time it can develop the memory, reasoning and general brain functions.

The main rules of blackjack

Before studying all Blackjack odds in casino, it’s necessary to get up the main rules. The opponent of the gambler is a dealer, but not other players as it’s in poker e.g. The main aim is to gather more points, than a dealer does. The best variant is to collect blackjack (Ace + King, Queen, Jack or 10), which avoids from losing the round.

From the very beginning the player announces his bet after what 2 cards to each hand are dealt. The dealer opens one of his cards. Every next card is taken by “Hit”, and stopped by “Stand”, if the gambler is sure he has enough points to win against the dealer. If there are 2 same cards in a hand, the option “Split” can be used. Besides, it’s an opportunity to increase the bet by making “Double”. And if the dealer’s opened card is Ace, the player can use “Insurance” for the case, if the opponent has Blackjack. General odds casino Blackjack without any strategy seems to be not high, but it’s a semblance.

What to do to get the best Blackjack casino odds?

Blackjack casino odds can be enlarged by using different strategies, such as basic strategy or card counting. Besides, there are some special peculiarities, which are to be checked with a dealer before the game starts, as different casinos use different specifications. This is important, as the strategy is to be chosen in accordance with the casino’s rules.

There can be different number of decks, the rule of “Soft 17”, where one of the cards is Ace – here the dealer must take another card or vice-versa, depending on the specific casino. Some casinos allow using the function “Surrender” – when the gambler has a chance to stop the round and to return a half of the bet. There are some other certain rules, which are to be specified from the very beginning to make casino best odds Blackjack to work for a gambler.

Blackjack casino odds and basic strategy

Basic strategy consists in checking own chances considering 2 cards in hands and one opened dealer’s card. This strategy can be shown in the below table:

Opened dealer’s card

The table shows, that the worst cards, which can lead to a bust are “5” and “6”. The best ones are “10” and “Ace”. If “7” is opened there’s a big chance the dealer will collect 17 points, and so on. It is what the gamblers call “Basic strategy”

Blackjack casino odds and card counting

When this strategy is use, all the cards fall into 3 classes: from “2” to “6” give +1; from “7” to “10” are 0; “Court Cards” are treated as -1. The summary of both cards gives the result. The calculations are very simple – while cards are “leaving” the deck, the gambler is just to add or subtract the nominal of categories. If the current account is positive, it means, that the deck still have more Tens, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Aces and also the other way around. It’s very simple, but can bring the result.

Most popular Blackjack slots

The gamblers, who wants to try hands in online casino and to become the greatest Blackjack player, the below variants are the most popular in 2019.

  • Atlantic City. Blackjack Gold Series by Microgaming. Probably, one of the best variant to check Blackjack casino odds.
  • Big Five Blackjack Gold Series by Microgaming.
  • Pontoon Pro by NETENT.
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs by OneTouch.
  • Sonya Blackjack by YGGDRASIL.

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