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The best odds in casino slot machines and RTP

Looking for the best odds in casino slot machines, newbies are often mistaken to consider jackpot casino games more profitable that Blackjack, for instance. With time, they do understand that BJ is the game with the best odds, and The Big Wins slots often do not bring awards. Besides, classic penny slot machines with best odds turn to be the most profitable games.

It might seem strange as it is known, the more player bets, the bigger win he can get. Nevertheless, the frequency of winnings should be also considered. Penny slots and card games are supposed to give players more than “super-mega-jackpots”.

What are the best odds in casino slot machines?

All professional gamblers know that very often, the payout depends on the game provider. Playtech is known as the company that develops the coolest RTP slots. In addition to Playtech, Net Entertainment also has slot machines with the best odds of winning. Its Blood Suckers with 98% are famous in casino circles as well as their classic slot Jackpot 6000 Where RTP can vary between 95.1-98.9%. The reason why it varies depends on how a gambler plays the slot. Here are the slots with the best payout:

  • Goblin’s Cave, Playtech, 99.3%RTP. These are the best odds in casino slot machines;
  • Ugga Bugga, Playtech, 99.1%;
  • Ocean Princess, Playtech, 99.1%;
  • Tropic Reels, Playtech, 99%;
  • Super Jackpot 6000, Net Entertainment, 95.1-98.9%

There are a few others included in the best online slots category, with a 98% and higher payback, 1429 Uncharted Seas with a 98.63% RTP and 98.4% Cinerama. However, there are also always new game titles so the range of more slots with a high repayment percentage can increase, so keep an eye out.

Tips on slot machines with high RTP

Something that the players should understand is that the repayment percentage is not the same as the chance of profit. If a slot has a 93% refund, that doesn’t mean a gamer will win back 93% of what he bets. RTP tells gamblers what percentage of everyone’s bets should go back to all players and is, therefore, no guarantee of greatest chance of winning.

It also tells them what percentage the casino earns through the stakes. There is no guarantee that a player will get a better profit chance just because the slot has a high RTP. In general, however, it has been shown that slots that have a higher RTP have more often distributed profits than slots with a low RTP. Meanwhile, no one should see is as a guarantee.

Jackpots odds

Sometimes, players asking which slot machines have the best odds are mistaken to think that jackpot games can bring them more than usual slots. Jackpot slots have a lower payout and often less chance of winning. Sure one can take home the jackpot which is probably really big, but that chance is usually very small. What determines if a gamer has a good profit opportunity is volatility instead.

Volatility means if he wins a little and often, or a lot but rarely. RTP actually shows just how much of the wagers will be paid out in winnings to all players. A jackpot has a lower repayment because it collects the players’ bets over a longer period of time in order to pay out the biggest prize. In order for this jackpot to be awarded, it also requires that a lot of players have lost before.

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