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What are Lucky casino games about?

Some players that have been dealing with gambling for years, often try to “catch luck” when picking Lucky casino games like Lucky 7, for instance. All of these slots are different: they have various gameplay, RTP, symbol, music, design, etc.

However, they all have something similar. Each of these games has the word “Lucky” in their names. As practice shows, to some gamers, they really bring happiness.

What are Lucky casino games?

All games like have one thing in common: besides the word “lucky”, each of these games has a special function or a feature that lets a player try if Mrs. Fortune loves him or not. Many of these slots deal with Risk games; some of them offer bonus games, whether the other ones offer gamers to spin the reels waiting for 2 similar icons only. If a couple of identical pictures appears (or some special sign falls), them a gamer gets a prize or a chance to make more spins without paying for any of them.

Besides, mobile apps like Super Lucky casino games have the “lucky” in their title. It is known that the word itself seems to players something to be very promising, like a “good sign”. Here, the psychology of gamblers is considered, for sure.

The most popular games of this type in 2019 are:

  • Lucky 7;
  • Lucky Larry;
  • Lucky Tree;
  • Lucky 88 Lucky casino games;
  • Lucky Moon Lagoon;
  • Lucky Diamonds, etc.

Lucky Lady’s Charm

Perhaps, Lucky Lady Charms is the most charming of all free Lucky casino games as it is about happiness. The game does not lack safe Happiness symbols. These have been distributed on a large scale and also have a positive effect on the chances of winning. The title refers precisely to this lucky charm and charisma.

Here, the gamer has to collect Ladybugs, four-leaf clovers or also horseshoes. The field of normal symbols like the numbers and letters that a player must know will also be complemented by card games here.

The Lucky Lady Charm symbol is especially important as it gives the most points, but also serves as a Joker and replaces all other symbols. The exception to this is glass ball. This is the Scatter. If a player can spin at least three glasses of balls on the reels, he will get free play and at the same time a multiplier that increases his score.

Here, gamblers are also lucky as they win even when seeing 2 similar symbols (it refers not to all icons, however). The slot also has a gamble feature so a player can win twice more than he has won already or lose everything. As in all free Lucky casino games, here only the luck can help.

Lucky Links

The newcomer from Microgaming comes with 5 reels and 20 paylines that payout from left to right and from right to left. In addition, the minimum and maximum bets range from 0.10 Euros to 250 Euros per spin. The Game Log is the highest paying symbol and it also triggers the only existing bonus of this online video slot. The maximum profit that can be made on each spin can increase up to 352 times the bet. Of course, this is a great compensation for the fact that the selection of bonus rounds in this game lags behind.

However, Lucky Links re-spins mostly make gamblers “happy and lucky”. To trigger this feature, players must try to land the Lucky Links logo, which is stacked on a reel. Then, another rotation with the logo icons locked comes. During these re-spins players will see more lucky links icons that he can also get in place.

In addition, the re-spins continue as long as new symbols appear and remain on the reels. This can cause the entire screen to be overlooked with a log icon. The game ensures a great entertainment, and there is also a potential for decent profits.

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